Fresh Start

I know I said last week I was "starting over", and I did do ok.  I tracked a few days (more than I had in the past couple of months.  But I still didn't do well enough.  I had a small loss of .6, which I'm NOT complaining about, because it was a move in the right direction. 

A fellow boardie wrote on the boards yesterday, after someone asked how others have regained motivation after a hiatus.  I was bored at work, and basically reading every thread, so I stumbled on it and it was exactly what I needed to hear, and I didn't realize I was looking for it.  It was a repeat from a different boardie but the gist is "you can't expect to always be motivated. Life doesn't work that way. You have a choice: make your WLJ a priority, or don't. If you make it a priority then you have to just do it, even when you don't want to. Even when exercise doesn't sound like fun. Even when you are sick and tired of tracking what you eat. You just have to do it."  I know I have to just get over it, and keep going.

I have decided that I'm going to buy a bike.  I haven't owned one since I was a kid, so if you have any advice, please tell me!!  I need something that is more "fun" to keep me motivated.  I go through stages where I love going to the gym, then I hate it and don't go anymore. 

So this is my real fresh start.  My goal this week is to track what goes into my mouth, whether I go into the red or not, or use all of my WPs or not.  I need to get a hold on that first.  I've decided I'm basically starting over today.  I haven't decided if I want to erase my previous weights or not, but I may so I have a complete new start.  Then when I look back, I'll always know in my head that I screwed around for a few months, but hopefully having this fresh start will show real progress from this point forward.  I did do my measurements this morning too, so I'm really starting "fresh". 

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