I like the way May is starting!

It is only two days in, but I'm totally loving how this month has started! 

Yesterday I had a lunch date with a new guy from match.com.  I've gotten pretty used to not really expecting much with my luck in dating the last couple years, so I figured I'd be gone a couple hours tops.  What I didn't expect was to be at Applebees for almost 6 hours just talking!  That has never happened to me before.  We never ran out of things to talk about.  The people at applebees probably thought we were nuts just sitting there, but it was amazing to have that connection.  We have a good bit in common, so that is a plus.  I can say I haven't been this excited about a new guy in a lonnggggg time! 

If you recall I made a list of goals I wanted to acheive in April here.  Well April was pretty much a huge fail in every aspect.  I went over budget more than I was under, I didn't start C25K or exercise regularly like I wanted.  I did get Blake semi-trained for the national, which is this week and I'm not there (but he is) because of the stupid tornado.  And I've fallen off the WW wagon a few times this month.

So I'm going to try the goal thing again, and really stick with it this month!

1. Stay on plan. That's pretty self explanatory.
2. Start keeping a better budget of everything, not just groceries.
3. Don't let work stress me out!
4. Start really studying for my series 7 license.  I have a week long class the first week of June, and I need to get my ass in gear!
5. Start exercising regularly again.  I felt so good when I was, then I just stopped. I've got to get back on that wagon!

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