Ugh, Water Retention...

I seriously hate the fact that I feel so bloated during my period.  Put that on top of having a little too much salt yesterday=large gain this morning.  Up 6 pounds?  I know part of it is a true gain.  I haven't done the best this past week, at all and I was expecting to be up.  But not 6 pounds worth of crap.  I know most of it is coming from being bloaty and retaining water.  And I should see a loss next week. 

The old me would have freaked out about such a large number on the scale, but the new-ish me.  I know it will even out next week.  And I know I just need to work harder to lose the part I know was a real gain this week. 

I have got to start getting better at planning my meals.  Easy if I lived alone and cooked every meal for myself.  Hard when you live with your parents where one of them loves greasy southern foods.  Granted I do too, but it definitely isn't helping the weight loss.  That is why I've been cooking more :)  At first my dad would complain when he saw that instead of full fat milk I was using fat free to cook with.  But he learned that he can't taste the difference, and that I'm helping his health too (not that he has any weight to lose, but he still has cholesterol and his heart health to think about)!

The moral of this post...
1. Gains happen, even freakishly large ones.  It is ok and you can't let it get you down.
2. Meal planning is key to being successful.  If you have everything planned out you're less likely to eat crap.

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