Girls Night!

First, let me back up to my WI this week. -3

I have decided to quit meetings. I wasn't usually staying for them, and that is one expensive scale! I've learned I'm either motivated or I'm not. A meeting isn't going to change that.  So I'm back to WW Online. I used my Monday morning weight for this week, so that is why it is so large. But it will even out come Monday!

Tomorrow I'm having a girls night (aka anti-bachelorette party, as my sister named it) with my sister, best friend and her sister. I'm.so.freaking.excited.  I really need a night out with my best friends. WI may not be great on Monday, but I already know that it will be completely worth it!

Not much happening this week. It's been fairly quiet. Now, I'm just ready for the weekend!

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