Changes are coming!  I've decided to go back to school for a 2nd B.S. degree, this time in Business Administration.  Best part of all, I'll be going through it with my friend Jordan!

If you've been a reader for any length of time, you know that I'm very unhappy with my current job.  I've been applying everywhere and looking fairly actively, and have gotten no where.  The idea to go back to school has been with me for a couple of months.  My degree is very specialized, but I don't want to be a financial advisor, and that is basically the only career path I can take with opportunities for advancement.  And I can't do this job forever.  I want to feel competitive in the job market, and right now I don't. 

I'll start orientation next month, then actual classes in August. I'm actually really excited about it.  I honestly never saw me going back to school, but here I am.  Another plus is that it is an accelerated program for working adults, so just one class at a time. No semesters. And I'll be finished in about a year and a half, again not shabby. I'll still continue my job search, but this will be on my resume, so I see it helping some. 

Who knows, I may ever decide I want my MBA after this....

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  1. The thought of this makes me so nervous. I want to vomit. But oh so excited!!