Doctor Appointment Update

So I went this morning, of course it wasn't much fun, it is the Gyno afterall.  But a must every year. 

He is switching my pill, and hopefully that will fix the issues I've been having the last few months.  If it doesn't in 2-3 months, he'll have to run tests and do ultrasounds.  The new pill will work.

My blood pressure was really good 118/78, which is the best it's been the last few years.  +1 for me!  Even if the scale isn't moving much, my overall health is improving, so that is a huge victory.

And when he was feeling my stomach, he randomly asks if I've been working out.  I'm so taking that as he felt some muscle somewhere under there!  +1 for me, again! haha

Now to get some work done....I'm so glad it's Friday!

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