June Already?

Seriously, where has the time gone?  Time for a May wrap-up and time to set some goals for June.

I didn't really set any goals for May, just to stay mostly on plan and make some progress. 
May Starting: 258.8
May Ending: 255.8
Difference: -3 lbs. 

I'll take it. I had 2 weeks of maintaining in there, so I'm ok with that.  I did count this week as a maintain, because I didn't have my meeting on Monday, due to the holiday.

I finally managed to take my measurements this morning.  I took them when I recommitted on April 16th, so about 6 weeks had passed. I had a few pair of pants that seemed to be fitting slightly better in places, so I was curious where my measurements stood.

Measurements on 4/16      Measurements on 6/1 Change
Arm: 17 inchesArm: 16.25 inches-0.25
Hips: 54 inchesHips: 54 inches0
Bust: 46 inchesBust: 45 inches-1
Waist: 39 inchesWaist: 38 inches-1
Thigh: 33 inches Thigh: 30.25 inches -2.75

Total inches lost: -5.5

I'm thrilled with that number, and it gives me the motivation to make June a great month.  Speaking of June, lets get to some goals

1. Workout 4-5 times a week.
2. Lose 5-10 pounds
3. Track everyday

Anyone else have a good May?  What are your goals for June?

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