Heavy Heart

Anyone that has been following for any length of time knows that my dogs are a big part of my life.  A couple months ago I posted that our old girl, Marin, had thyroid cancer. Sadly, yesterday she lost her battle. Over the weekend she was starting to show signs of not acting like herself. She wasn't as eager to leave her crate, and she seemed to just not feel well.  Two months ago, we made her the promise that she wouldn't suffer, and yesterday we had to make good on that promise, as hard as it was. 

I still remember being so excited when mom got home from picking her up from her breeder. Dad and I were peeking out of the living room window when she hopped out of the van.  She was a wonderful girl, and gave us 11 amazing years being our pet.  She was truly a gem, and made an incredible impact on the Dalmatian breed from the whelping box.

Until we meet again my sweet girl...

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