June Wrap-Up

Personally, June was a great month for me!  Let's re-cap

The Goals:
1. WO 4-5 times a week. -I hit this one all but the 3rd week in June.
2. Lose 5-10 lbs. -I didn't hit this one, but I did lose 2.2 last month. Doesn't seem like much, but to me, it is success.
3. Track Everything. -Huge success. I have tracked 100% since June 4th!

I was by far more active this month than I have been in a long time. I found Zumba, and love it.  I feel so much better since I'm moving more!  I can tell a difference in how my clothes (some of them) are fitting. I saw a number on the scale this morning (an unofficial weigh in) and it made me super excited and motivated! 

I want to feel like this at the end of every.single.month. That is my goal. To start feeling good about myself!

I'll be back later today, hopefully, with some goals for July!

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